Sunday, 10 April 2016


To help carry the narrative and improve the way things transistion into one another, I added short skit like additions to my video which arent normally in the song.

These are the intro and the transition into the insane cell.


Firstly, the intro to my video. This is something I added to the video to establish the chracter and the mood of the video. The song starts very aggressively but I didn't want my music video to because I want it to build up, that's why I added in more slower paced clips to the beginning. This idea and the sound I actually used, was borrowed from the official video for this song.

The into shows the character mysteriously hanging around what looks like an abandoned building. The audience doens't know who he is or what to think of him, but learns more and more about him through how he acts and the images that flash upon the screen.

Transition into the cell

In the next "skit" we see the video and music start to cut out and glitch. It then cuts to black.
We then see the person getting pushed in a cell with a straitjacket on. The screen cuts to black again and then cuts back and the music starts playing again.

This has two effects. The audience initially thinks the video cuts out and are confused but then they see it has continued. Then, the audience wonders if the whole thing has been something someone has been watching, like CCTV or something and if it is part of a story or if it is just a transition into the next scene. During the short clip in the cell, I use the same music as the intro but with sound effects of a door slamming and the person hitting it.

Clips Used in my Music Video

In my video, I wanted to use many outsources video clips to create a very violent and crazy aesthetic. I would have filmed them all myself but with my budget I can't really film any violent robberies, polices chases or explosions.
Some of the clips or images I have used is also for contextual reasons and not just for the way it looks.

Firstly, during the first "Triple 6, 5, Forked Tongue" I weaved in some footage from the music video of KRS One's "Sound of da Police".

There are two reasons why I chose this.
One, the video has a great shot of a police car driving along with sirens flashing and there is also a shot of the rapper going crazy at the camera, these are great additions to my video.
Two, this adds some intetextuality to my video. KRS One is a old skool hip hop artist. The group that made Takyon also reference another old skool hip hop group EPMD in this very song.

During the other times where a police siren plays, I have added footage from the movie Nightcrawler where there is an excellant and violent police chase. I added some shots of this to my video and added effects to make them look low budget and more like my own.

These are the main/most important clips I used throughout my video. Here are some other clips I used.

Footage of a real police shootout
To continue with the police theme and the violence.

Russian soldiers marching
I used this to match with the "Militant march of this war" lyrics.

A massive fire at a night club
I used this just to have footage of fire come up when it is mention on the track.

"X-Ray" of someone getting getting shot through the skull in a video game
I used this because it is very violent and goes along with the lyrics of cracking skulls. I used this twice, once zoomed in on the skull in black and white with a filter and the second time was even more zoomed in and angled with a red filter.

Footage of airstrikes & Firing squad executions
Goes along with the violence and some of the military themes toward the end.

Footage of lightning & Footage of a snake flicking it's tongue
For both of these I used multiple filters and opacity overlays to make them apart of my own clips rather than standing out. The lightning was cropped and used as a special effect and the snake was overlayed to match the "Forked tongue" lyrics.


The font used here is the same font used on my digipak, Old London.
I did this not only to create synergy with my digipak and music video and to also create a sort of logo for the artist, but also because it fits the genre conventions. Specifically for this portion of the video where it is very mysterious and black and white, the gothic font creates a dark feel common in the alternative hip hop genre.

Here I use moving typography. The font I used here is the font I originally used for the first draft of my digipak but ended up scrapping. The reason I use it here is because it fits very well. The text is distorted and "wobbly" which lends perfectly into it being moving text. It is also an outlined font rather than filled it which also works very well as an overlay on top of a video. 

The typography that also appears during this is a more official Artist/Song/Label text used to tell the audience information, I wanted it to be a thin simple text so it doesn't distract from the main text.

During the very bright flashing scenes during the "Triple Six" lyrics, I use the font RunnySoup to represent the numbers. I used this because it looks very unhinged and crazy. Out of context of the name of the font it, the way the font looks is very applicable to my music video.